IGN Live: E3 2016 – Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Sony

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Be a part of us as for all of your E3 coverage which include the Push Conferences from Xbox, Ubisoft, and Sony, reside video game demos and a great deal a great deal a lot more!

09:00a IGN Microsoft Pre-Show
09:30a Microsoft Conference
eleven:00a IGN Microsoft Write-up-Show
twelve:30a IGN Ubisoft Pre-Show
1p Ubisoft Conference
2:30p IGN Ubisoft Write-up-Show
3p GameScoop! Live
five:20p IGN Sony Pre-Show
6p Sony Conference
7:30p IGN Sony Write-up-Show

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27 thoughts on “IGN Live: E3 2016 – Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Sony

  1. Haha @ 2:21:25 im sry, i love to play and build stuff in Minecraft, but its so funny and alittle cringy to watch those two or probably adults in general, acting and talking like little kids infront of millions of people while playing MC xD The best way to introduce something new to a MC without looking like a grown child… is maybe just showing pretty awsome builds on the screen, while talking about the new stuff. But playing it while one Guy seems to nervous to jump on that Girls too enthusiastic train, will be cringy…and Funny.

  2. Hey important message for the kids who think they are the coolest gamer in their school 2:51:30 Yo 11 year olds this is like the total stereotype cool dude you want to be when you hit my age 11 and a half nah just kidding you got more years than that to wait, it's roughly when someone watching a video like this and sees i have the headset, a totally goofball look on my face but know i 'm not even wearing the damn things, yeah that's the point you realize you are there for the 11 and a half and younger aged viewers watching and if he thinks he is still cool doing this at his age well he has a severe problem when he sees girls, he runs and i mean it, he is like Sonic kids!!! So ever asked to be the teen wearing a headset round your neck at an event, even E3, especially E3 run or you wont be laid until you are 40.

  3. scalebound looks amazing and the main characters dragon is so adorable when he hits him and he lands on a higher level and he says "alittle warning next time" lol…..and also the guy that was talking about the game "for honor" his voice was awesome!!!

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