The stop of Sony Ericsson – A glance back again at its ten-calendar year record

Related eBooks isles/mobile/smartphones/sony-completes-obtain-out-of-ericsson-in-sony-ericsson/ Sony Ericsson is no a lot more as Sony has acquired out Ericsson’ share in the organization bringing and stop to the ten-calendar year partnership. We get a glance back again at the outcomes of the collaboration more than the very last ten years. Simply click the hyperlink to get the entire particulars of what this indicates for the businesses.


39 thoughts on “The stop of Sony Ericsson – A glance back again at its ten-calendar year record

  1. my first phone was a k700i….loved it so much I ended buying another one which I still use from time to time when I get bored of my galaxy note 2 :)) This video took me back in time…I remember dreaming about buying a k800i. I used to be fascinated by new phones but it`s not the same now

  2. Sony and Ericsson "divorced" in 2012/2/16
    divorce is good~~~SE( Sony Ericsson)cellphone crash all the time~~not stable~~bad guailty
    but look at the brand new Sony smartphone…….Z2  is infintity

  3. I miss my Sony Ericsson k310i I whatever I did that thing just didn't broke I went through the rain with it I dropped it from the second floor Stairs I threw it at a rock when I got mad well now I don't know where it is

  4. SE used to make the best phones. I had the T68i, Z505, K500i, K750, W200i, W800i, and a bunch more, but I haven't bought a SE phone in years, since I got the first iPhone. Now I use a Samsung Galaxy S3.

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