How to Empower Netflix on a Sony BRAVIA Internet Television set

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Action by stage recommendations on how to activate your Sony BRAVIA HDTV, Blu-ray Participant or House Theatre to link to your Netflix account.


32 thoughts on “How to Empower Netflix on a Sony BRAVIA Internet Television set

  1. Sony is the biggest shit i(EU) have ever seen…after they fucked up two of my tv`s(40EX720) from no you tube access: they blame google for that…Never going to buy Sony…sick of you…assholes…!!!

  2. Hello, I did the same thing as you, everything OK, but in time to refresh internet contents, says that the configuration failed during connection, you know how can i fix this?

  3. Nunca compren un "smart tv" de Sonny, todos en mi casa son Samsung y puedo ver perfectamene netflix y youtube sin ningun problema menos con la porqueria y mas caro Sonny tv

  4. Well, Mr Sony. YOU have a problem.
    Take some time to read the comments below…
    Now, my wife's Bravia TV wont play youtube anymore/ it used to?
    It wont access Netflix. Niether will my blue ray player.
    If this was a motor car and you changed the software so i couldn't drive on certain roads, you would be in more trouble than VW.
    THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED!! How about a class action?

  5. I have Netflix icon on my TV, but when I click on, I get the no items to display message.Other icons that no longer work YouTube and Facebook.
    Sony support 9 to 5 Mon to Fri, I sure there are a lot of people out there that have a time to set up the TV within these hours.  Getting very frustrated, now at the point where I wish I had not bought a Sony TV.

  6. Same on my KDL-32EX720 even though it's listed on this video. Rang Netflix who said it should be supported and gave me a 1300 number to speak with Sony. Sony dude curtly and smugly told me any pre 2014 models are not supported. Been a Sony fan for 2 generations but guess what, no more. Shame on you SONY

  7. The netflix icon wont show up on mine :/ i have youtube and a bunch of other stuff…but not netflix. What can i do, ive tried refreshing to factory settings and still does the same thing, youtube and other app icons, but no netflix

  8. Hello 

    Thanks works perfectly on my KDL55HX850
    I first used my xbob now i can I do it directly through my TV than I only need one remote
    Bedankt werkt perfect op mijn KDL55HX850
    Ik gebruikt eerst mijn xbox nu kan ik het direct via mijn tv doen heb dan maar 1 afstandbediening nodig

  9. Like all the other comments, this is bullshit, my KDL40 so called smart tv can't handle anything, I had to buy a 25usd Android tv dongle to get it smart.  Stupid Sony marketeers selling nothing but non-user friendly piece of bits that is not even worthy of being called firmware.

  10. Cant get Netflix icon to appear on my 2yr old Bravia, gets iplayer etc but not Netflix.

    Heres an idea though…. Get a google chromecast for about £30 plug it into a spare HDMI socket and get netflix that way!

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