PlayStation E3 Press Conference 2013

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PlayStation E3 Press Conference Livestream June 10, 2013 6:00pm PDT

Tune into the start of the Press Conference: 32:50


48 thoughts on “PlayStation E3 Press Conference 2013

  1. The comments give the impression that Sony came out showing off all these exclusives but other than the indies all I saw was a bunch of games I can play on my XBOX. This was Sony's big E3 win? XD

  2. You say you don't want to impose us restrictions? So why are you refusing mods, you f'cking liars? Even miscrosoft dushbags don't sodomize players so hard! I'm done with PS4 and Sony!!

  3. I'm watching this in 2015. ps4 is still dominating the xbone. Microsoft sucks. ps4 rules and laughs at everybody else. Sony now has sold over 22 million ps4's. Microsoft has only sold around 13 million xbone's

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