The Entire Sony Press Conference – E3 2013

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Check out this replay of the entire Sony E3 2013 Press Conference!

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The Entire Sony Press Conference – E3 2013


46 thoughts on “The Entire Sony Press Conference – E3 2013

  1. Sony announced they would begin charging for online multiplayer in this conference, but it was overshadowed by the "we support used games" announcement.

  2. 6:13 PS Vita

    9:38 The Last of Us

    11:02 Puppeteer

    11:35 Rain

    12:15 Beyond: Two Souls

    14:18 Gran Turismo 6

    17:05 Batman: Arkham Origins

    20:55 PlayStation 4 showcase

    33:53 The Order: 1886

    37:55 Killzone: Shadow Fall

    38:52 Driveclub

    39:28 Infamous: Second Son

    41:09 Knack

    43:17 The Dark Sorcerer

    47:29 The Witness

    47:54 Transistor

    50:40 Don't Starve

    51:03 Tribute Kings

    51:21 Octodad: Deadliest Catch

    51:49 Secret Ponchos

    52:10 Rags

    52:31 Outlast

    52:51 Oddworld: New'n'Tasty

    53:21 Galak – Z

    54:39 Diablo III

    55:25 Final Fantasy XV

    59:45 Kingdom Hearts III

    1:02:25 Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag

    1:09:44 Watch Dogs

    1:17:33 NBA2K14

    1:18:35 The Elder Scrolls Online

    1:21:37 Mad Max

    1:24:14 More PlayStation 4 stuff

    1:30:49 Destiny

    1:43:49 Even more PlayStation 4 stuff

  3. the best part of this conference was sony announcing they would keep the same policy's as the ps3 and 360.. people acted like it was some historic achievement. good for sony, they needed the ps4 to succeed. hopefully this doesn't upset the sleeping giant in microsoft and make them respond next gen now with phil spencer who seems to be a gamer and not a corporate douche like don and deliver a console that dominates what sony puts out.

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