Sony PS4 review

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David Pierce explains everything you need to know about the Sony PlayStation 4. To find out more, visit the full PS4 review on The Verge: More from The Verge:


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34 thoughts on “Sony PS4 review

  1. What should I get xbox one or ps4 I have an Xbox one but my dad uses it a lot and I can't play it a lot my cousin has the ps4 and I like it but I also like my Xbox one

  2. ps4 sucks why do we need to pay to go online when where paying for games the system and internet I have one for my son and I will never buy another playstation 50 dollars a year just to play online is stupid so now im going to the pc thank you sony for haveing a hard on for more money

  3. What should I take Xbox one or ps4 I want a console which has awesome shooting games and nice graphics and awesome free roaming games btw I like the 360 controller in PS3 and Xbox 360 pls reply and help me I request

  4. Im getting a ps4 in 6 days and I cant wait! Im getting 3 games destiny and gta 5 I dont jnow what else to get. Mabey ill wait for uncharted 4 or get outlast

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