Sony’s Android TV – unboxing and setup – BRAVIA W80C

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This year we’re proud to introduce the exciting new Android TV platform to our 2015 BRAVIA television range. In this video, we unbox the BRAVIA W80C and show you how to set-up your own Android TV in a simple step-by-step fashion.

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23 thoughts on “Sony’s Android TV – unboxing and setup – BRAVIA W80C

  1. Is it possible if you open the tv and its automatically go to analog cable and just watch only?? Or it is possible to bypass the android home..What i was saying is if i open the tv its automatically watch via cable… Please reply..

  2. I did the setup, then I saw an update for the tv, I did that but now I completed it, it's shows a hand on a cable with a restart icon next to it, I turned my tv off then on but then it said the same thing, I pushed many buttons on my remote but nothing happens can someone help!

  3. I've bought the KDL65W850C and it's been 45 minutes, since the downloading and installing of the UPGRADE, does anybody know how many time will be the waiting to use it?


  4. I want to buy this TV, can you please confirm the BLUE colour accuracy? On the last model (W805b) the blue looks like purple so I'm a litte concerned regarding that issue.

  5. I have sufferd with a 50" version of this TV for 2 months, the menu's lag and remote controls are sluggish and slow, the home screen is ugly, the digital and satalite guide menu is awful, tuning to UK specification satalite freeview channels is a chor, and none of the recent firmware updates have sorted any of the issues I have with this TV.   The model I chose although is 3D will not convert a 2D image into 3D (told it would by man in Currys, told it wouldn't by Sony support ) . If I knew then what I know now I wouldn't of opted for this model … Not impressed with this TV at all ..

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