Sony E3 2012 Press Conference

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Join us Live for the Sony Press Conference from E3 2012!

Don’t have time for the whole conference? Watch our breakdown & mash-up!
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19 thoughts on “Sony E3 2012 Press Conference

  1. 2012 the year of the hipsters in videogames, Ellen Page in Beyond (and in The Last of Us) and the indie boom starting, some stuff good, but also the start of the shoehorn feminism in videogames, the worst thing that could ever happen since Gabe Newells idea of "videogames as a service not as a product"

  2. Good god, even after 3 fucking years, the fanboys come pestering here. Yeah, I like the Xbox, so what? I also like the PlayStation, is that impossible? Because, you know, people can't play Halo after playing Last of Us, right?

    This is why videogame consoles should have locks for children.

  3. The Last Of Us' AI in the real game was never that good. You could stand in front of one of the stragglers for 5 seconds until they notice you.
    And the graphics were improved quite a bit but that's the only good thing.

  4. After ps3 was released I knew every E3 sony would beat the crap out of dat Microsoft.Last gen xbox 360 had won and I approve it.many people had said that ps3 was better because of free MP.xBox 360 was better in many reasons but next gen xboxone lost to ps4 and every E3 Microsoft just doesn't know how to impress the audience and all gamers.

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