Sony PlayStation Move Trailer – E3 2010

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New trailer of all the Move powered games.


35 thoughts on “Sony PlayStation Move Trailer – E3 2010

  1. I said "sony glitch from nintendo and the wii is better than this fuckin psmove "
    Everyday the nintendo give me free games in nintendo eshop but I have one question why Sony glitch from Nintendo like wii it havr a nunchuk and sony made the glitch nunchuck and the same games in wii sony made it psmove .

  2. No es necesario que lo comparen o simplemente digan que es una copia o imitaci贸n del Wii, ambos tienen aspectos que los hacen mejores uno de otro, m谩s, ambos cumplen su principal funci贸n, entretener.
    De ah铆 en m谩s, es mero gusto particular.

  3. I agree that Wii isn't the best console of its gen and sales doesn't mean much but, I don't agree that the Wii sucks. You probably have the casual games like wii sports n shit. But have you ever heard of or played Metroid Prime trilogy, Skyward sword, No more heroes, Last story, Red steel 2, Galaxy 2, Xenoblade chronicles, Metroid other M, Fire emblem, DK country returns, Pandoras tower? Those are all really good games which makes the Wii memorable

  4. excuse me ? the reasons thats wii sold as it did , was because wii looks good at this time , YOU KNOW WHY , because was the fucking boom in the year, sold麓s dont mean good. im a example because I HAVE A FUCKING WII RIGHT HERE , IN MY FUCKING HOUSE, in his fucking box. because is a piece of pure shit like wii u

  5. better than wii and xbox , but , xbox kinect= piece of shit wii= piece of shit but better than kinect
    ps move= the best , but still a bad idea the fucking moves controls since wii
    who is the idiot who think this is a good revolutionary idea ?

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