Whole Sony Push Convention – E3 2017

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Observe the total Sony push convention from E3 2017!

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20 thoughts on “Whole Sony Push Convention – E3 2017

  1. Monster hunter world legit made me realize how great sony is we haven't had a console mh game in a long long time one of the great games of old before the time of dlc and mircos and half assed aaa quality and because its not ubisoft ea or craptivision i have more faith in capcom to deliver on it. Welcome Back Capcom and ty

  2. Spider-Man could be the best looking game ever made… and thats after a couple of years of "best looking game ever mades" (Uncharted 4 & Horizon: Zero Dawn for instance)

  3. guys let's be honest the best Sony e3 moment in fact the best e3 moment in general is when they announced resindent evil 7. Because I remember i went wild and so did all of you guys did as well

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