Sony Xperia XZ Quality vs Samsung Galaxy S8+ Pace Take a look at!

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Sony Xperia XZ Quality vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Moreover Pace Take a look at, Camera Pace, AnTuTu Benchmark. Specs, Bootup, Fingerprint Scanner, Apps Opening, Game titles Opening


45 thoughts on “Sony Xperia XZ Quality vs Samsung Galaxy S8+ Pace Take a look at!

  1. These Samsung fanboys will literally find the finest detail to shit on Sony, clearly sony uses a faster processor, even the benchmark score is higher. Get over it. The tabs don't stay loaded when you close out the app. Only the first tab loads. This is not PC chrome idiots! How dumb can you people be? 71 tabs all loaded will slow ANY phone to crawl, obviously the chrome browser knows what its doing. You stupid samshitheads

  2. After using my XZ for long (6 months), I don't like the XZ, overheating when using camera, very hot when playing a game like castle clash or clash of clans. Same result when browsing (less heat but hot) and watching video (lag due to overheating of the phone)

    I do every update, phone no rooted, system clean.
    So Yes in the beginings the XZ is was, … but after some times, got too much problem (lag, overheating, reboot, …)

  3. すごい。これは完全に詐欺動画だ。ニッポンってここまで堕ちてしまったのか。4分5秒のところ、ソニーは1ページだけを、 サムスンは71ページを開いている。呆れたニッポン。正義の敵ニッポン。ニッポンバンザイ。(嘲)

  4. Sony winning Samsung in so many other apps.

    Just one of them had an "unfair" advantage of 71 tabs and all the Samsung fanboys go crazy.

    Say what you like man. I've used multiple Samsungs in my life, had millions of complaints against all of them. Tried Sony for once, stayed with Sony ever since. And guess what? My old Z1, Z3+ are functioning perfectly till now, and is serving as my wi-fi only phone while I charge my XZ premium.

    That's something you don't see happening for Samsungs. Heck, their phones aren't even good for use after 1 and half years. Their specs dropped so drastically after that, battery life as well, while my Sony phones are still functioning perfectly. Especially using just wi-fi now, they can last 2-3 days on a single charge.

  5. Sony you are impressing people since long time. Sony has got very cool subsidies like sony mobile, sony pictures, sony music. Even the world beat game console, Playstation is a sony product. Also the gran turismo game is made by sony. Samsung is a piece of shit when compared to Sony's power.

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