Grading Sony’s Push Convention E3 2017 – ProJared

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Supplying the Sony E3 Push Convention a quality for E3 2017. Did it flow perfectly? Did it clearly show items people care about? Is Sony the Ideal One particular nonetheless once again?
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48 thoughts on “Grading Sony’s Push Convention E3 2017 – ProJared

  1. I just don't see what's the point of owning a PlayStation at this point Xbox users get to play with pc and Nintendo users. Xbox have backwards compatibility and now Xbox have the strongest console ever and the smallest console ever. At this point you have to be stupid to stay with Sony.glad I stuck with Xbox one since day one

  2. As for Spider-man, the swinging is the most important part! It looks like they actually listened this time.
    And the Arkham fighting mechanics actually always made way more sense for Spidey. He has a literal sense that lets him react to danger and dodge acrobatically…. what is Batman's super sense? Batman doing that combat never made sense to me. It was basically made for Spider-man. A real no brainer.

  3. The reason why the Shadow of the Collossus release is so hype is that the last HD remake was terrible and janky as hell! They are finally going to do it right! That alone is making it worth the buy.

  4. Your reaching…the sony event sucked…absolute pants….how can anyone support such nonsense when they showed no indie titles…VR crap and the majority of the titles from last year and even some of them still didn't have a confirmed date…..and where was FF7 remake or shenmue 3……and remember Death Stranding…do you….to not show any gameplay, screens or anything was an outrage….but they do that every year but this year its all caught up to them.

  5. The moment I realised I recognised the walking animation for Monster Hunter World, I was joking that I think I can hear ProJared squeal.
    The second I saw you holding your plushie going "Now I know what you're thinking..!" I was on the floor laughing.

  6. I feel like the only reasons people are more excited about this new spider-man than any other previous ones is that
    1- It's been awhile since the last game
    2- Insomniac is making it

    Because it's exactly the same type of spider-man game than the amazing spider-man 1 and 2, spiderman 3, even spiderman 2 back in the dayz, etc. Nothing is really new imo.

  7. I loved heavy rain and beyond two souls lol Some of my favorite games. Stories were fantastic and I dont mind quick time events as long as the story is interesting and what im seeing is interesting. Thats just me though lol

  8. Jared

    The SotC game is a REMAKE

    NOT a HD port like the PS3 one was

    That's all

    They probably want to bring in ties to ICO and how clearly these 2 games tie in with each other

  9. I'm honestly awfully confused as to how people are even considering this the worst show this year. I genuinely don't understand that in the slightest. My reactions the whole time were just…

    EA was without a doubt the worst. A few highlights but it just left me generally groaning.
    Ubisoft I don't understand the insane levels of praise for them this year in the slightest. I really, really don't. The only titles that grabbed my attention was The Crew 2 and the pirate game. That's it. I've already forgotten most of the rest or just felt confused by the rest.
    Bethesda barely tops Ubisoft to me, I couldn't believe how fast their show went by. The VR stuff meant nothing to me, nor the card game, the paid mods left me confused, I swear if I see skyrim again i'll lose my mind. The only redemption was Evil Within 2 and Wolfenstein 2 just looked THAT good to me, they got my full attention.
    Microsoft was okay I suppose? Xbox One X just had me rolling my eyes, I only use my XBONE for exclusives yet the only things that got me excited in their whole show was Forza 7, Metro Exodus (multi platform) and Anthem (another multi platform… Looks like the XBONE will continue collecting lots of dust). Good on presentation yet I didn't feel too drawn in.
    Nintendo nabbed the second best to me, left me really wanting a switch for Mario, Metroid, Splatoon, Fire Emblem. Though I wish there was just MORE material shown.
    Then Sony easily stole the top spot to me. The only time I didn't particularly like their show was VR because I don't have it. Everything else got my full attention and wanting all the titles shown.

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