Ideal Options for the Sony a6500!

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Making an attempt to figure out the Ideal film or images options for the Sony a6500? These are my preferred options, which can ideally be useful to you!

Use the timestamp below to skip to each individual portion:

Preliminary Set up – :28
Picture Profiles – 3:forty two
4K Options – five:forty eight
Audio Options – seven:27
Gradual Movement Options – nine:31
Pictures Options – eleven:twenty

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Gear Employed FOR THIS Film:
▶Sony a6500 –
▶Sony eighteen-105mm lens –
▶Panasonic GH5 –
▶Metabones Speedbooster .64 XL –
▶Sigma eighteen-35mm Artwork lens –


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34 thoughts on “Ideal Options for the Sony a6500!

  1. Hey I love this video!! And I’ll definitely sub but I have a question, so when I use either the 1 or 2 setting. And when I try to change the shutter speed it also moves the aperture. Is there a setting I have to change to have it separate or am I stuck with it

  2. Hi Sidney, I absolutely love your work. You are super talented. Do u have any tips for me how to shoot videos here in super sunny Miami? I have the same gear a6500 10-18, 18-105. When I set my camera for Slog3 it’s always overexposed, shall I use cini4 or slog2? Maybe to change aperture or f.? Please help 🙂 thank u!

  3. in your first memory setting the video mode was in P mode not manual for memory 1. and you had two p* showing up for your wheel adjustments. wondering if it was meant to be in manual mode? it was at 8:49 into the video.

  4. thank you! please more about Picture Profile tuning (there is ALOT options inside). I want to get the best picture for my live video streams from a6500 but Panasonic g85 with Leica beats it here (in terms of colours not auto focus).

  5. I can't do 4k right now, so do I do all my videos on 1080p 120fps for the extra megabits? Or should I stay with 1080 60fps and only do 120fps for slow mo? Thanks.

  6. Hey sidney, great tutorial bro. I had a question with setting the 2 to slow mo. I set the settings to everything you did but the playback does not appear to be in slow mo. Would you know how to fix this??

  7. Dude Thank you so much. I bought my Sony last week and have no idea how should i set it up. Been searching around and people are just you stuff that is too advanced you don't even know why you do it or set it up that way. You video is so helpful and simple and so easy to understand. Keep up the good work (y)

  8. Just an important thing to point out.. I have seen you make a comment in all of your videos about the requirements of video with re: to sd cards. You are making a very common mistake. I have this card …

    Which is only a 95mb/s card but is U3. The a6500 can only writes at ~ 32MB/s. A 4k 30p 100mbps file that Sony says the camera records at is not MegaBYTES per second, but rather MegaBITS per second. To get megabytes you divide that number by 8. The a6500 really only writes 4k video at 12.5 or so megaBYTES per second, so almost any card rated U3 will be fine. As is the case with my 95mb/s Sandisk. It works just as good as your card, except you are spending a boatload more on SD cards for no noticeable performance with regards to the A6500. Here are some links to show this.

    Otherwise great videos love the content. And have you found the focus issues with the Sigma so many others report? I got the 28 f2 and it is pretty solid.

  9. I just bought this camera it's my first camera that's not point and shoot! Should I use your settings? I won't be using it for videos just mostly traveling, wildlife, portraits, and landscapes. I have a lot to learn in using lens and manual modes. Thanks for your videos.

  10. Hey Sidney! Just got my a6500 and this walkthrough was very helpful! Especially the Manuel settings hack thats clever. Im really excited about you doing videos on how to build a youtube channel as honestly its been the hardest part of this job so far. I would love to get a clear understanding on how to work with the way youtube works to build an audience, I feel like for the most part I put out fairly consistent content but most of my videos only receive a 100 views max and I feel like this is because despite how good my descriptions are -people just are not seeing my videos. I managed to do well with one video which got 1.3K views but i haven't been able to replicate it. Any insight you have into the Youtube world (and also just building a brand -for those of us also doing film work for income) would be so helpful! Looking fwd to more videos! Prolly my fav channel on youtube right now man!

  11. Helpful vid, thanks!  In the 2nd menu tab there's a line called S&Q settings.  When you set memory 2 frame-rate to 120p, do you adjust anything of this?  I don't understand why the option to choose frame-rate is made twice, both in Record Settings and S&Q Settings

  12. Super helpful – thank you! Do you know if there is any way to turn off the info screen of settings that pops up when you switch to one of the memory modes? I would love to just have it immediately show the live view on the LCD instead of the settings. Always looking for the fastest way to switch between stills and movie mode.

  13. Sidney.. I've watched this video as I'm backpacking through Southeast Asia and something as simple as setting the dials on 1 and 2 to shoot in 24fps and 120fps has saved me a ton of hassle, thank you!…. I hope all is well with you and keep making wonderful content!

  14. saw on your preset buttons 1 & 2 you set it to PP8 Cine4 Pro but have your exposure compensation set to 0.
    Do you bump it to +0.3 or 0.7 while filming or just leave it alone?

  15. 60 vs 100 megabits isn't a big deal as far as your memory card requirements as it is the difference of writing in 7.2 MB/s to 12.5 MB/s. Remember that it takes 8 megabites for every megabyte. Really important to remember, especially since any U3 card can record 4k on the Sony a6500 since the 3 means it will not drop below 30MB/s and the max the a6500 writes is only 34MB/s anyway

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