Sony Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact Palms On

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Join us as we go arms-on with Sony’s new Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact at IFA 2017!

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43 thoughts on “Sony Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact Palms On

  1. I love the rectangular design… Its more masculine… It looks good. But it needs to have matt finish. The sensor of the camera needs to be better…Sony Ericsson Neo And Sony Ericsson P had better sensor than XZ1 . Plus sony needs to pay attention on heat management. The phone is literally is hot when playing games for over an hour. Sony please tie up with Ericsson again otherwise sony smartphone market will fade away

  2. Now I am aware these phone's JUST came out to the shops, but WOW the price difference between EU countries:
    Denmark, Sony XZ1 Compact (without SIM lock, free delivery) = 576 Euro (This price the best on the market in DK).
    Poland, Sony XZ1 Compact (without SIM lock, free delivery) = 471 Euro (This price the best on the market in PL).
    Now I am aware, that I am comparing ONE OF THE most expensive countries in the EU with ONE OF THE CHEAPEST countries within the EU, but still…. There shouldn't be a +100 Euro gap between these two! That's just CRAZY!

  3. I can't buy Xperia XZ1 Compact in my country (POLAND) because our Polish DICTATOR Jaroslaw Kaczynski does not allow us to buy it. Seriously ! Thats insane. Please do something !

  4. The front camera in the XZ1 compact makes it look so horrible… Disappointed in Sony.
    Although the rectangular look does look sleek and modern it hasn't changed much which is a bit boring. Why not make it more beautiful like they did with the PS4? Get the ps4 designers to help design the Smartphones.

  5. I just purchased the XZ1. I love it. Wish Sony would offer all the necessary accesories: i.e: protective case, holsters, screen protectors, etc. I think Sony could make some good profits if they offered "made by sony" the mentioned items. Also include remote power battery chargers, fancy for ladies cases, more color options.

  6. Everyone knows that the appearance of a phone is way more important than what it does. The primary function is as an accessory that you replace twice every year to be cool. Phone calls, texting, web browsing, social media and the like are all just neat little add-ons. That's what iPhones are for. It uses years old tech inside and has no micro SD card slot or audio jack but, hey! It looks good. /s

  7. Sony has been different in design starting XZ and Z series..The Top has been Loop Design and the back has been Metal Replaced….The camera has been upgraded a lot…Sony has been known as safe phone as security patch has been given monthly update on the same month…I am not feeling any sluggishness using Xz even it is one year phone with 820'instead using my s8 I can feel lag if not hardworking enough to clean the ram

  8. Having almost bezel less phones just sounds scary to me. I'm happy with some bezel. Love my Z5 but this has a little too big bezels. It looks like to me that the camera on the back ever so slightly sticks out. What has happened to the flushed camera? hmmm. I am thinking about this phone, but aren't sure yet.

  9. sony's mobile hardware is amazing, but they suck at design, software and most importantly at price. sony phones are too costly for the given specs, if they don't bring it down I don't see any future for it.

  10. As a Sony owner past 5-6 years I would love to see you guys over at Android to check the heating, since that has been a issue with some of the previous models. I am always try to be innovative with what I do. Working in the world of E-sport I've invested in a mobile mobile livestreaming setup and actually livestreaming with instagram, facebook, twitter or other plattform the phone is beeing put to its limits by the time you livestream and I've notice since I postwork in the adobe apps sitting long sessions some of the models do (over)heat up. With livestreaming and doing some processing of saving my newly edited images makes the phone either lag, error or freeze. I heard by rumor that they indirect know of this issue and it should be adressed with the XZ premium model. I had the XZ but with the problem. Now looking to the new compact model since I want to be able to work with only 1 hand I think all my problems will be satisfied. Don't know what exactly it could be but maybe the processor can handle whatever I want it to by not throtteling. However process raw dslr images in adobe apps such as lightroom is going to be an adventure since I've tried it it just took forever and I just kept on shuffeling with jpegs instead. My girlfriends X and z3 has performed better than my z5 and XZ but she wasn't using the phone as me with a stretch of having the phone active with minimal paus. Can easily use it almost constant in 1-2 hours time. Worse when I livestream and then postprocess or keep it active. This is also something you should maybe add and make a connection in your article but since I just found Android Authority I hope you can crosslink the news to updated new as a followup connection so it is easy to spot, also if you do a comprehensive stresstest or other related tests it would be great /Thank you

  11. I owned an xperia s, xperia z1 and 2 or 3 xperia Xperia z3 compacts (I cant even remember they were so shit, one of them shattered on its own)… The most brutal brittle glass on any phone and the lowest retention rates of all major smartphone manufacturers… Got a redmi note 3 and its still running perfect with no broken glass after dropping it numerous times. NEVER BUY SONY PHONES… They have become terrible since the demise of Sony Ericsson… Which is why their retention rates are awful I wish I learned sooner I really liked the design of the Xperia S and got used of the Sony ecosystem but Im so glad I said bye, they could go bankrupt and I would be relieved more than anything.

  12. i don't want a bigger phone, and it seems that phone beats iphone 7 on the picture side. So for me it's really appeal. Too bad good nokias are too big. I' v got my 5 years old nokia pureview 808 with one day i want to change

  13. Got a Z3 Compact in 2014 which got unresponsive screen problems less than a year despite getting replaced by Sony twice. If the XZ1 Compact recycles the same 4.6" screen as the Z3C, then I'm scared to buy this new one for fear of getting screen problems all over again. Beware people, and read about the screen problem of these Compacts.

  14. Overall i would buy the XZ1 Compact, just not at the crazy price they are selling it. At €550,00 you can nowadays find pretty much every 2018 flagship, first quality metal body, big Oled panels and plenty of new features. Now Sony presents a plastic phone, with an average camera (in absence of day light), an old LCD Display (same of the X Compact) with an average resolution, 4,6 inches and put it on the market at €599,00.
    Does anybody think it is a smart move?
    HTC did the same with its smartphones and it's still on the edge of bankruptcy. This telephone does not bring any innovation, its regular price should be around €400,00. We know it, they know it, everybody know it, that's why they are now giving a 250 usd worth headphones to each buyer. Wouldn't it be better not to give the headphones that most people don't need (most of them have their own) and keep the price reasonable?. strategy they say.

  15. Whoever is in charge of Sony's smartphone division needs to be fired immediately. How can Samsung, LG, Huwai (rumored), essential, Xiaomi, all come ot wth better looking phones with less bezels? STEP UP YOUR GAME SONY!!!!!

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