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    Has any body here tried Aj patana’s Nam man prai oil?
    Does it really work?? It is quite expensive.



    I only have his lookkok, and it is powerful. Not positive of the NMP, any individual care to share extra? I am interested in that also.



    If you have the budget, go for the best.



    What is nam man prai?



    I have AJ PATANA kumantong, have not tested his NMP, his kumantong is fantastic and assistance me with my work all through the years,I assume his NMP should be as effective. Just guessing.



    His NMP is expensive for fantastic causes, my pal had a likelihood to check out master last year and he donated 30,000 baht to master, and he was provided a little bottle of nam man prai, this master patana seems to be in a position to read into minds, and my friend’s trip to Chiangmai final year was to obtain very good NMP, master knew quickly and took a bottle out for him ahead of he asked for it. My friend stated the NMP is pretty strong and not the identical as most others NMP he had attempted.



    Is it dangerous to use?



    NMP usually don’t give very long term results, some don’t give any results at all. Usually works for a night or 3 nights at max is what I have tried on different people, at discos, KTV etc. Aj Patana NMP works best and effect can last at least few days. Kruba Tammamuni NMP is effective for attraction, you will see people treat you well when you carry with you. His pure nam man prai can also cost up to 30,000 baht or more. Those NMP costing less than 2000 baht usually do not work, and mostly are of different category of prai oil.



    I have many NMP from different ajarns, luang phor, some works some don’t. Ajarn Patana’s NMP is one of the most expensive and also another NMP from Kruba Tammamuni which is as expensive. I have them all and tested them all.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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